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Web services have been developed in recent years as a fundamental technique for the new generation of B2B or EAI applications. For their getting more available that imposes a new vision of service-oriented computing, the software industry has shifted its attention on software from developing a product as required to delivering a service on demand. In order to gain the many benefits from such a service-oriented model of software, several critical issues need to be addressed in a service-oriented environment such as differentiation of services with multiple attributes, dynamic selection and provision of services in a supply chain style, and commitment of services with prescribed rules. From the perspective of management, these issues are concerned within a process of negotiating desired services in a service-oriented environment. In this paper, we propose an object-oriented model that specifies such a negotiation process with explicit constructs addressing these critical issues. The model contains an architecture diagram that describes required components and their interactions for fulfilling the negotiation process, as well as a class/sequence diagram that specifies in detail what class objects these components have in order to collaboratively support all required behaviors occurred within the negotiation process.