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The research question dealt with ‘whether mcommerce services fulfil the expectations both of customers and of service developers and if market demand is being met’. The methodology of the research was qualitative and findings were based on both the content analysis of m-commerce valuechains and open-ended interviews. The six environments of mcommerce worked as a framework for the questions in an open-ended interview. Two m-commerce value-added services, which presented two different types of business models: a closed operator and a customer centric m-commerce model were chosen. Two types of m-commerce services were described and analysed. The sample of interviewees (n=17) consisted of spokespeople for them and a few experts. Research findings were that m-commerce services differ from traditional and e-commerce services in terms of time, context and location, the value-chains of m-commerce are unclear and consumers are not very aware of existing m-commerce services and of the m-commerce services enabled by existing technology.