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The use of internet marketing of the durable goods has provided many implications on trading and service processes such as real estate and car trading business in Finland. The objectives of transaction and trading, i.e. the houses and cars, are not yet actually sold via internet. Hence, the digitalized services and modern market places should be constructed in order to satisfy future coming needs of ebusiness. In this paper of time serial research and data concerning internet utilization and it’s implications on business process of car trading and real estate business. The phenomena are pointed out by multivariate analyses, especially factor analyses in time serial data 2002-2006. The use of internet in information retrieval has increased from 66% (2002) into 81% (both 2004 and 2006) of questionnaire fulfilled customers in real estate business. In second hand car trading business the comparable amount of internet users has increased from 56 % (2003) to 75 % (2005) of all answered customers. The main focus is to analyze the development of phenomena concerning the increasing role of internet as information source in purchasing process, especially comparing value chain theories and information retrieval in real estate and used car markets. The time serial analyses points out at least the main competitiveness factors of the website marketing. Also some expected development of competitive capabilities are presented in the conclusion part of study.