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The purpose of this case study is to create a competitive operative management system for efficiency and quality performance for a company running maintenance service business for globally competitive forest industry production. Furthermore the research aim is to find out and eliminate obstacles affecting efficiency by identifying the factors that can cause problems in the near future in the service process. This evidently means efforts to create and implement new “eWorld suitable sense and respond” methods to measure, follow and improve performance of the service production. The theoretical framework was drawn up to summarize the major findings about up-to-date topics on industrial production related services having high competence and competitiveness requirements, and to act as a guideline for the empirical pilot research. A qualitative research method with multicriteria decision making process was created and utilised in order to collect data through in-depth expert interviews. The performance measurement and improvement system developed has been piloted in two small scale production maintenance service processes with encouraging experiences, and have already been implemented into everyday use.