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The increased turbulence, complexity and competitiveness of organizational environments have made identification, evaluation and implementation of new technological investments critical determinants of organizational productivity, competition and survival. This paper examines new technology investment decision-making process on two levels combining traditional innovation adoption and diffusion approaches by network and interaction approach of IMP-Group. Conducting this we aim to crossfertilize the chosen approaches and produce more comprehensive and integrated understanding to conceptualize investment decision-making processes on new technology. The empirical part of the study investigates an investment process in which a food processing company invested in a new microbiological quality assurance method. The internationalization of food processing industry combined with a growing amount of global raw material sourcing is posing increasing challenges for companies, authorities and governments in terms of guaranteeing the safety of food. Since improved food safety is both time consuming and expensive, food producers find it difficult to cover the resulting costs of testing. These circumstances offer an interesting and fruitful context in which to study investment decision-making process on new technology.