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V2G model goes beyond V2C model and proposes an entrepreneur’s personal view of the risks and returns as compared to that of the firm’s risks-return tradeoffs. At the growth stages, the partnership of co-entrepreneurs and VC or IPO also means risk sharing for the original entrepreneur or founder. Larger group of founders and early stage actors allow the entrepreneur to consider him or herself differently, even lower the “risk” of his or her job than the traditional entrepreneurs. V2G model combine the best parts of the roles as an entrepreneur (owner) and hired manager. Thus, in this case, it is not any more only “your” firm, but a rapidly-growing enterprise with the corresponding V2G mindset. This V2G mindset avoids negative effect of a single owner. The separation of the roles of the owner and manager will allow the entrepreneur-founder to adequately cope with them. In sum, V2G model points out three proposals: first, it examines risks and returns from entrepreneur’s individual viewpoint; secondly it explores risks and ambitions between individual and enterprise; and finally it describes the importance of the ownership development of the enterprise and development of the value of the enterprise.