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In the past, enterprise needs to invest a great deal of tangible assets such as: lands, labors, facilities and factories in order to reach certain scale of economics and acquire the competitive advantages. However, in this information rich era, enterprise’s direction of strategic thinking has shifted from the production orientated model to the customer orientated approach, and it needs to provide differential services to avoid the cutthroat price competition. Owing to the demand of customers for immediate and reliable consulting service, the establishment of call center becomes the communicative bridge between enterprise and customer; to date, call center even became an important link in the market competition. Building an excellent call center is the essential move to implement the customer relationship management, and providing meticulous concern for customers is the key to improve customer loyalty.

In this study, Mio Technology Limited (Mio-TECH), a manufacture of portable electronic navigation devices, is taken as an example of case firm to explore the organizational system and management of its call center since the enterprise has evolved its service models based on the product features to enhance the business planning. To view from the management aspect, the current call center has emphasized the integration of resources and professional division of work. Therefore, the call center utilizes the applications of communication and computer technologies to automatically handle the great quantity of works; and implement the competitive human resource in China region to cooperate with Mio-Tech's headquartered in Taiwan to build good customer relationship for worldwide users.

This paper analyzes how Mio-Tech's call center improve the customer service in terms of strategy, technology, manpower and procedures and has found that the technical enhancement, the customer's expectation and the corporate strategy have been significantly communicated and leveraged into a sound customer relationship management system.