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: Since it is a well known fact that the cost to attract a new customer is approximately 5~10 times more than the cost of keeping existing clients for the enterprise, it is a very crucial issue for the business to focus on the need of customer relationship management. Therefore, e-CRM (electronic CRM) is widely accepted recently and the adopting rate in certain organization is up to 49% annually. In this study, a systematic multi-case study in Taiwan is performed for the B2B manufacturing industry and B2C service business in order to find the critical function and important issues for e-CRM in those businesses. In addition, the efficiency factors for e-CRM are analyzed since the roles of the clients in B2C and B2B are different, i.e., the organizational and personal behavior is compared. The preliminary results show e-CRM in Taiwan has been successfully improving the service for B2B and B2C and promoting closer relationship for both the sellers and buyers. The target of new customer acquiring is also improved effectively