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In the modern business world, the IT advances accelerate the world’s commercial development with the help of Internet technology in supporting variety of activities. As a result, e-commerce play a significant role in almost every industry. Hotel industry is one of those which are fully beneficial from the e-commerce, which fulfills the customer’s needs. This research is conducted to study the character of the hotel e-commerce and the measurement of performance of the hotel e-commerce in Thailand in all perspectives of Balanced Scorecard. In the research, the researcher uses the reasoning approach to describe the relationship between the variables of causes and effects whose directions are precisely specified. The samples of the research are the hotels in the Bangkok metropolitans and vicinity areas. The researcher uses questionnaires to measure the customer satisfaction of business operations according to the Balanced Scorecard. Then, the initial collective information is analyzed to categorize those samples in percentage. Next, the result of the satisfaction based on Balanced Scorecard measurement is tested for the relationship of all variables by using the statistic of interrelation and chi-square values. The result of the research provides us the character of operating of the hotel industries and the sufficiency of operating e-commerce of hotel industries in Thailand. In addition, it can be used as a guideline in hotel business development which enhances the capabilities of performance and competition.