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The role of Internet has been rapidly becoming inevitable to corporate and society. Across the world, governments and corporate have been working towards the better utilization of the internet. Initially, the Internet was perceived as communication media and now, slowly, metamorphosing into a powerful business media. The Internet provides a direct reach to end users, thereby, the corporate wish to use this to gain cost competitive edge. Many companies entered and exited the cyber space during early twenty first century, yet, many companies survived and succeeded in their business. Many brick & mortar companies intended to use the Internet and found they it did not work well. The faced the peculiar lacuna of misunderstanding Internet buyer behavior and could not figure out the categories of products/services the Internet users intend to buy. At this juncture, the authors did an extensive primary research among Indian Internet users in order to identify the willingness of Internet users to buy different products/services over Internet. Besides, they also found the status of Internet users in buying different products/services online. The authors focused on finding out which stage the Indian Internet user stands in consumer buying process. The research revealed positive outcomes which would be useful to corporate world to adopt and deploy for better use. This paper mainly focused on consumer perspective of Internet purchase in order to understand Indian Internet users psyche.