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The functionalities required for successful deployment and operation of online auction site can be broadly classified into two categories: core features and complementary features. Core features are essential for the existence of a site, whereas complementary features enhance a users experience with the site. Since a site has to have the core features, it is the complementary features that contribute to the popularity of the auction sites. We have conducted a survey of 100 auction sites to study 23 features. We found out the similarities among these sites based on their feature vectors. Three distinct groups are formed in the process. The groups are found to be distinct with respect to the core features. We also compared the complementary features of these sites. The results of the chi square tests revealed that the groups do differ with respect to most of these features. We propose a model to assign weights to the features distinctly for three auction site categories. Pareto analyses show important features that contribute to eighty percent of the weights in each group. We next define Site Evaluation Index based on these weights. The analysis shows that the sites with higher site evaluation index are indeed the popular ones, as per their ranking in the results of search engines. The highest scored sites can serve as a benchmark to choose the value adding complementary features to guide the upcoming auction sites.