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As Internet-based and other virtual technologies are being used more and more for procurement, supply chain management, product development, customer relations, and other business functions, and as they are proving to be efficacious, e-business has undoubtedly become an integral element in the business and engineering strategies of many automakers and suppliers. What e-business can provide to an automotive cooperation has been well stated for improving product quality, reducing costs, and shortening time-to-market cycles.

In this paper, Renault Australia is used as an example of where the automobile industry is currently positioned in relation to E-Business. Online WebGIS-based Marketing Support System, developed as a portal e-business model, is designed to assistant information and knowledge exchange between the market analysis business and decision makers (and sales people) in auto industry. Incorporating marketing information gives rise to a better understanding of the potential of particular market areas or target markets, and helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of the competition in particular market areas or among particular target market segments. Such market analysis strategies obviously provide competitive advantages. Sharing information and obtaining market analysis outcomes through the Web will provide business decision makers with up to date information and knowledge. This solution will not only reduce costs for business planning, but also help to avoid the cost of wrong decisions.