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This paper focuses on providing a market analysis solution through designing and implementing an online decision-support system (DSS) for businesses decision makers in Tobacco industry in China. The procedure makes use of data, information and software from Web based Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to generate online analysis, mapping and visualisation systems. These procedures are integrated and synchronised with market analysis techniques and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

By integrating these two techniques, a webGIS-based tobacco market information system is presented to demonstrate the significance of WebGIS in market analysis field. Specifically, to meet the needs of market practitioners (retailer, distributor and industry authority) in understanding the current market and sales performance, the system is designed and mainly consisted of four functional components: Communication and administration, Current market analysis, CRM (Client Relationship Management) and Sales/customer analysis, and Operational issues. From the system design and system usage perspectives, the illustration on the system architecture and the process of marketing information transmission reveals the benefits raised from this E-commerce tool to both the system users and service provider in marketing analysis. Based on this, the fusion of technology enhancement and marketing strategy in business process are called for and discussed.