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In the recent years, each industry has to face the situation of making the decisions from global markets, especially the industries within lower technicality. These industries earn money hardly in the perfectly competitive markets. Sometimes, decision makers have to decide how to allot orders in the different factories because of distinctive requests from individual consumer. It is necessary to find a way to help managers with making a decision and allotting orders effectively.

The purpose of this study tries to develop a decision support system (DSS) to help the managers and decision makers of a real garment industry In Taiwan to decide order allocation, and we used genetic algorithm (GA) for analysis tools and results would be showed by visual graphs to assist managers in decision making. By decision support systems, managers and decision makers might decide order allocation quickly and save the costs.

Finally, the decision support system results in a visional frame within lowest cost, and managers decide order allocation with effectiveness by graphs. With this information, decision makers might make different decisions in unlike situations for dissimilar goals. The system had developed to be used easily and suitable to the garment industries and other similar manufacturing industries.