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With emerging e-business models in a global supply chain, the components or parts of a product may be distributed and produced at various plants in a collaborative way for the purpose of expanding capacity and reducing costs. For an assembled product, the assembly operations for assembling the product may be performed at different assembly plants at various geographical locations. In the collaborative commerce environment, it is required to develop a multi-plant assembly planning model for orgaizing and distributing the assembly operations to the suitable plants for completing the final product. In this research, a multi-plant assembly planning model for generating and evaluating the multi-plant assembly sequences is presented. A graph-based model is developed to model and generate the assembly sequences. The feasible assembly sequences are analyzed and evaluated based on several cost objectives. The multi-plant assembly planning model is formulated with an aim of minimizing the total of assembly costs and multiplant costs. As a result, the optimized multi-plant assembly sequences can be obtained and each of the assembly operations is assigned to the suitable plant with a minimized cost. Example parts are tested and discussed.