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Wei Lin, Feng Chia University,Taiwan (

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After a nursing staff of North Town Woman & Children's Hospital made an error injection and caused one infant dead and six injured in 2002, the Taiwan government pays more attention to patient safety. Firstly, the Department of Health (DOH) established the Patient Safety Committee in February, 2003 to promote several patients’ safety activities and education training. Secondly, the committee is actively planning a nationwide reporting system of patient safety to summarize the common causes of medical errors. Most hospitals (about 70%) have not utilized information technology to construct a patient safety reporting system. The conventional reporting mechanism is to fill a paper form and circulate through out the organization. Therefore, in order to make the greater efficiency and effectiveness on a reporting system, this research develops a Patient Safety Reporting System (PSRS) used inside the hospital to solve the disadvantages of conventional reporting mechanism and enhance patient safety and medical quality. The prototyping method was used to develop the PSRS to assure the communication between users and system designers about the actual system to be implemented. The results show that the PSRS has higher satisfaction than that of the traditional paper method. The PSRS not only save on time and man power for reporting but also improve the anonymity and security of reporting process. These advantages have a positive effect on staffs’ willingness of reporting. The experience of developing this system could be used as reference for other hospitals to develop their own PSRS