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The performance of supply chain is an important factor for the success of a company since it greatly affects the ability to provide customer value. Therefore, it is very important for a company to develop independent criteria to evaluate the performance, compare with competitors, and monitor the operation of a company. In the past, many companies tried to develop criteria for measuring their performance of supply chain. However, suitable criteria are hard to develop since the supply chain is generally very complex. The purpose of this study is to develop criteria to measure the performance of supply chain by using the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR), which was shown by several previous studies to be an effective tool to develop criteria for measuring performance in diverse industries. To investigate the effectiveness of SCOR, we use the process reference model in SCOR to analyze the current state of a famous garment company’s processes and its goals, and quantify the operational performance. Results from this study show that SCOR is a very effective tool to develop performance metrics of the supply chain. Through the use of SCOR, a company can clearly define key performance indices (KPI) to improve their performance.