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Yuan-Jye Tseng, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Yuan Ze University, Chung-Li, Taoyuan, Taiwan;

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A collaborative design chain incorporates the different design activities performed by various design teams that may be located at different geographical locations. In a collaborative design chain, the different parts of a product can be designed by different design teams in a collaborative way. There exist different ways for distributing the different parts to the multiple design teams. If different ways are used for distributing the different part, the time for completing the design and the final functions of the product may vary. In this research, a design evaluation model for evaluating the collaborative design chain is presented. The presented new model is aimed at finding the best way for distributing the different parts to the suitable design teams such that the designed functional value of the product can be maximized. Also, the design cost composed of design operation cost and design communication cost in collaborative design is minimized. An optimized design distribution and evaluation model is presented by maximizing the total design value which is defined as the designed functional value minus the design operation cost and the design communication cost. Implementation and test results are presented.