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The sampling groups in this research are customer who use the banking service via Internet system and the customer of D-Computer Co., Ltd. who usually use Internet Banking services such as inquiry about outstanding balance, fund transfer between accounts, and transfer payment for public utility. The sampling group specification of this research are must use Internet Banking services at least once a month. The research tools are questionnaires in the Web page form. Questionnaires are adapted from the tools that are used to evaluate the service quality called “The dimension of quality by David A. Garvin” by evaluating the quality of eight dimensional services: Performance, Features, Reliability, Conformance, Durability, Aesthetics, Serviceability and Perceived quality. During the sampling survey, we received 300 questionnaires that being answered completely. For information analysis, we use the fundamental statistics to analyze the characteristics of sampling group and test the relative variable factor by means of Chi-square and obtain the result to build a variance factor linear prototype. The results were as follows: 1. The quality level of internet banking service of commercial banks in Thailand in the perspective of performance was different in each bank. 2. By weighting the important of criteria that used to evaluate the Internet Banking service quality in Thailand, the most important was the dimension of reliability, serviceability and durability. The less important was in dimension of perceived quality.