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Because of the booming of internet technology and the great promotion internet portal, on-line exchange is more popular in the recent years. This study attempts to integrate concepts of Information Integrate Theory; Anchoring and Adjustment Method to explore the buyer’s trade behavior between two different cultures. After observing the historical data on Yahoo’s Taiwan and Yahoo’s America, the anchoring effect and order effect during the process of a C2C auction is proposed in this study. Chinese buyers seem willing to pay much their attention on pricing during the whole process of an auction than American people do. But, the same phenomenon does exist for American doing a bid on a higher-priced luxury commodity. It sounds for a luxury product, there is a common pricing strategy existed between people of two different cultures. The results provide a very promised direction for knowledge capture and decision analysis for trading, and more works for data mining on pricing for different commodities, cultures, or other kinds of variables related to products and members of market might be a possible future approach for building a knowledge management system for a pricing mechanism for the market.