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Technology of different shapes have got much race from 1960 to present. In 1970, the computer technology brought lots of faster modes of business when the faster calculations and saving data became possible. It further innovated the big information systems after 1985 when the manual work started to be converted into computerized means as computer based information systems. But one advent brought various solutions to the business and that is the miraculous advent of internet after 1992.

An internet is one of the biggest emerging Ecom technology which has facilitated the business platform in much faster and flexible standards. Due to the technology the business is advanced at an exponential rate of making life very easy and guiding to be equipped with other technological wonders of not only doing business but increasing education activities, knowledge and coordination through organization to organization and customers to customers.

The purpose of this paper is to identify emerging e-com technologies and get a sneak peak into internet and information literacy related technologies which will pull ecom any time to millions of people and push business to survive on modern business platforms. The study will focus on emerging e-com technologies that have emerged through the last decade or so. It will also focus on the current and possible applications and factors of important view which have brought significant role in business scenario.

The paper consists of five main sections: First is about the introduction, concept and definitions of the topic, Second is regarding the historical perspective of emerging technologies and identification of e-com emerging technologies and their changing phase in the faster pace of information technology and business aspects, Third focuses on the model of e-com and computer technology development. Fourth is about some examples on applications of emerging e-com technologies from available literature survey to support this research, Fifth is followed by the conclusions, recommendations, research methodology, references and bibliography