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CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) is like a strategic weapon that helps industries increase their capacity for competing. Case study by interviewing enterprise is the main technique applied in this research. Base on AST (Adaptive Structuraction Theory) introduced by multiple case analyses, in the process of implementing CIM the interaction between CIM and organization of two TFT-LCD industries whose business operation characteristics are different will be discussed. The research result can be treated as a reference for enterprises to perform their CIM system more effectively and promote their core competency. In the paper, some discoveries are found as follows: the enterprises that have higher degree of automation always pay more attention to the operation standard of manufacturing and system, and consider the correspondence between them for need of process automation. On the other hand, the enterprises that have lower degree of automation always pay more attention to the rationalization of production lines, the convenience of adjusting operation process after the system is implemented, division of labor among the related organizations and their responsibility as well. The reason why causes the difference is the former thinks both the system functions and information linking techniques are two most important key points in the CIM project, so the employee rate of the staff related with IT must be increased in the project organization.