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E-business development is a considerable complicated task because the underlying logics of e-business and its new processes that are originated from implementing enhanced information technologies to streamline business performance introduce many complex issues. One of the difficulties is to capture the dynamic aspects of e-business that can be used for monitoring the business performance, in a way that could be helpful for the business adaptation to meet competitive advantages. Among many dynamics of e-business, the value system is the most interested one that has recently been addressed. However a value system is at the strategic level with no formal approaches for its representation, which introduces a gap between system modelling and implementation in the e-business development. In this paper, we will investigate a so called value process that can be not only used for value system modeling, but executed for simulation of the resulted model. For the purpose of value process modelling, we will adopt the process algebra approach, which will be integrated with others such as workflow in our modelling environment.