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The use of cyberspace increases tremendously in the past 20 years. An increasing number of businesses and consumers worldwide have accessed the Internet and there is few doubt on its growing significance for world trade. The unique features of E-business lead to the uncertainty and insecurity for the consumers as well as the companies, and incur great strikes to the traditional jurisdiction rules. It seems to be an exaggeration to argue that it would require totally new set of jurisdiction rules in E-business. It is, however, inevitable to reconsider appropriateness of the existing rules in some respects, including the reconstruction or reform of the resent rules.

This article will analyse the current jurisdiction doctrines to see how they work in the context of E-business and whether they advance the cause of consumers and the improvement of business. Specially, the article will study the Brussels Regulation as the recent most important and influential innovation trying to regulation jurisdiction on consumer contract in E-business. General suggestions will be given as to the future development to resolve this problem