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In multi-attribute group decision, decision makers (DMs) are willing or able to provide only incomplete information because of time pressure, lack of knowledge or data, and their limited expertise related with problem domain, so the alternative sets judged by different decision makers are inconsistent in allusion to a certain decision problem, how to form consistent alternative sets becomes a very important problem. There have been a few studies considering incomplete information in group settings, but few papers consider the adjustment of inconsistent alternative sets. We suggest a method, utilizing individual decision results to form consistent alternative sets based on Rough Set theory. The method can be depicted as follows: (1) decision matrix of every decision maker is transformed to decision table through an new discretization algorithm of condition attributes ; (2) we analyze the harmony of decision table of every DM in order to filter some extra alternatives with the result that new alternative sets are formed; (3) if the new alternative sets of different DMs are inconsistent all the same, learning quality of DMs for any inconsistent alternative is a standard of accepting the alternative .