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In accordance with Darwin’s theory about “Survival of the fittest”, whoever has better adapted himself to circumstances, will remain and continue the life, and vice versa, whoever can not do that, will die. If we consider organization as a biological organism, organization is essentially a special group that tries to survive and accord in a special environment, because organization, basically, is the thing that human has made it for the survival of himself. The biggest difference between human and other existing species that has conducted him to remain, progress, and development during many years, is the ability of thinking that others have very little quotient of that or don’t have at all. History has shown that many existing species that have been apparently bigger and stronger than human, like dinosaurs, have died because of their incongruity and discordance with circumstances, but human, this apparently weak species, is continuing the life with using the essential factor of thinking and making decision. Organization contains people, and the most important factor that can help it to remain, consolidate, and surpass the competitors, in this knowledge-based economy, is thinking and using the powerful mind of organization, because nowadays, after many years from Industrial Revolution, with three production factors of land, capital and labor, in the century of information and creating organized R&D, knowledge and management have become the most important factors of production, and those organizations which better use these two factors, are more successful and permanent. Thus creating and then continues improvement of knowledge management in organization, as a process that create the “mind of organization”, is inevitable, and during this course, not only knowledge of the organization’s members will be gather and according to the role of the synergy, total knowledge of a group is more than all their individual knowledge, but also available data and information from environment, specially from customers, would constantly enter as the fuel of organization's mind and lead to develop” the mind of organization” which the result of that is performance found on the internal and external circumstances of organization, and finally “survival of the organization as the fittest”. This paper is going to consider and survey creating this principle of the survival of organization (the mind of organization) and improve that, technologically and socially.