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The broadband wireless access is emerging as a promising technology to meet the ever-increasing demand of M-commerce on the train. The traditional railroad communication system (RCS) is not only in charge of the traditional train scheduling, but also offers broadband WLAN services to passengers and provides the network platform to the intelligent railroad information system. This imposes a major challenge on the capability of the RCS in response to the increasing application requirements, particularly, the one for ubiquitous Internet access. To take the advantage of the rapid evolving mobile communication technology, this paper proposes an IEEE 802.20 based broadband railroad digital network, namely BRDN, for the next generation RCS. The paper further presents the scenario how BRDN operates and identifies the IP mobility as the major technical issue to be solved for BRDN. The predictability of mobile IP for the train-based applications will ease the difficulties in implementing BRDN. With the availability of IP standard for the next generation Internet - IPv6, BRDN will eventually become a reality.