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This study focuses on building a framework which calculates the weights of FAHP (Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchical Process) method , then integrates the analysis tools such as FQFD (Fuzzy Quality Function Development) and FFMEA (Fuzzy Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) into the framework to construct a two-phase product specifications evaluation process. Therefore, this study builds a framework and process of the new product specification evaluation which integrates the marketing attributes (the evaluation of the customers’ demands)、research attributes and development attributes and manufacture attributes (the evaluation of the failures and defects of the product specifications). It allows the product specifications which are produced by braining storm to be proceeded the evaluation before the prototype test phase and find the optimum product specification. It also can further the companies to optimize the organization resources. This research focuses on not only determining, but also transferring the market attributes to the product R&D specification in order to realize the relationship between the consumers’ demands and the product specification. According to the methodologies represented, this study attempts to fill the gap in the literature by providing an integrative research framework and offers this framework to contribute the tasks and operations in the initial phase of the new product development and build the framework of multidimensional product specifications evaluation. Finally, an example of Notebook is used to illustrate the proposed approach.