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Operation Management is an important and complex task for a divisional structured organization, especially when the divisions are distributed geographically. In most cases, such organizations didn’t not urge all of it’s divisions to use an integrated information system at the very beginning. But with the development and the expanding of the organization, they sometimes found themselves in the trouble of information exchange and almost lost control of their divisions. At such time, however, on one hand the head quarter inquires more detailed information and more business control on the divisions. On the other hand, some divisions are well built and have its own business processes and information systems. It’s impossible for them to rebuild the information system to integrate with the other divisions and the head quarter as well. Operation Management System (OPMGT) enables real-time inspection of the divisions’ operational data and flexible operation evaluation of each division via the Internet and without much change on the other information systems. The OPMGT presented in this paper was originally developed for the head quarter of a distributed divisional based organization to govern the distributed divisions. System analysis, design and implementation of OPMGT are discussed in detail. Having been developed on the basis of eFramework, a J2EE framework, OPMGT is proved to be highly sufficient in operation management of a distributed divisional structured organization, and it may also do some help to integrate information systems in some degree.