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Online auctions, in the absence of spatial, temporal and geographic constraints, provide an alternative supply chain channel for the distribution of goods and services. This channel differs from the common posted-price mechanism that is typically used in the retail sector. In consumer-oriented markets, buyers can now experience the thrill of ‘winning’ a product, potentially at a bargain, as opposed to the typically more tedious notion of ‘buying’ it. Sellers, on the other hand, have an additional channel to distribute their goods, and the opportunity to liquidate rapidly aging goods at greater than salvage values. The primary facilitator of this phenomenon is the widespread adoption of electronic commerce over an open-source, ubiquitous Internet Protocol (IP) based network. In this paper, we derive an optimal bidding strategy in sequential auctions that incorporates option value assessment. Furthermore, we establish that our optimal bidding strategy is tractable since it is independent of the bidding strategies of other bidders in the current auction and is only dependent on the option value assessment