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Much of the existing published research into the impact of electronic procurement has focused on the cost efficiency or implementation issues of its adoption. Issues relating to the significance of improved compliance on procurement performance were noted in our earlier paper [7], yet little if any research has so far set out to quantify the impact of electronic procurement on internal customers’ perceptions of service quality. This paper provides an examination of the impact of e-procurement adoption on internal users perceptions of service quality. Employing Johnston’s [15] 15 service quality criteria, we compared users perceptions of pre- and postelectronic procurement processes for two categories of supply: computer consumables and stationery. Using an online survey (appendix 1) a pilot study was conducted in a single organisation that has employed ‘supplyside’ electronic procurement for 18 months. We found that users expressed ‘delight’ in many aspects of the service provision relating to the design characteristics of the eprocurement system, but dissatisfaction with issues concerning the actual system delivery (particularly related to IT infrastructure and networks). This paper only provides early results from the pilot study, so further conclusions from our research must be deferred until a more significant sample of responses have been analysed.