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With the rapid growth of the Internet and the subsequent emergence of Electronic Commerce, the importance of product promotion in electronic marketplaces has come into sharper focus in marketing theory and practice. One way to acquire customers and promote the products is to initiate a trial of the company’s product. Traditional product sampling is been extremely costly and many firms tend to sell and promote their products via their own website or through other web sites. The concept of Online Product Promotion & Trial emerged as an alternative to the traditional product promotion methods. This study examined the effectiveness of Online Product Promotion & Trial industry in New Zealand. In particular, this study investigates how well Freesamples Ltd web site is performing and how New Zealand consumers react to the idea Online Product Promotion & Trial. The results show consumer satisfaction and willingness to participate towards Online Product Promotion & Trial is high, and most New Zealand organisations are willing to promote their products by giving out free samples through the Internet depending on the cost and budget. Recommendations for this industry in New Zealand and future research directions are also presented.