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This paper attempts to integrate concepts of service quality and in-depth interviews with experts master on hospital management or medical care to build a framework for influencing factors of service quality for outpatient clinical care and empirically explore it. Data are collected through a survey of a large-scale medical center located in a megalopolis area that is actively involved in research and development of medical care. Five dimensions of service quality are constructed as process of healthcare, waiting for inspection and administration, environment of clinical visiting process, hospital environment, and supporting personnel by Factor Analysis in this study. The dimension of waiting for inspection and administration included service quality of inspection units, waiting time for inspection and inspection documentation. To improve and to computerize inspection process might upgrade customer satisfaction. Waiting for a doctor diagnosis is included into environment of clinical visiting process, so a comfortable waiting corner and plenty of seats near to a diagnosis waiting room might reduce complaints of a long waiting time for a doctor diagnosis. The convenient transportation and enough parking spaces are important for clinical visiting a large-scale hospital located in a megalopolis area.