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Integrated Supply Chain Management (ISCM) involves the linking of suppliers and customers with the internal supply processes of an organisation. ISCM solutions allow organisations to automate workflows concerning the execution and analysis of planning, sourcing, making, delivering, returns handling and maintenance. Many of today’s ISCM systems use primarily web technology as the supporting infrastructure. Undoubtedly, the electronic (Internet-based) ISCM systems deliver the enterprises with a competitive advantage by opening up opportunities to streamline processes, reduce costs, increased customer patronage and more thorough planning abilities. However, there has been significant customer backlash concerning the inability of software vendors to deliver easy integration and promised functionality. Although various researchers have suggested strategies to overcome some of the failures in operating ISCM systems, there was a lack of architectural investigation in the analysis stage. The methodology proposed seeks to resolve these gaps and provides a fundamental framework in analysing ISCM systems.