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his study explored the effectiveness and efficiency of information technology (IT) and information systems (IS) in supply chain management (SCM) in Hong Kong firms.

The research model is comprised of three parts. The first part relates to the relationship among the three different functions of IT/IS utilized in a supply chain. The second part demonstrates to the relationship between IT/IS utilization and supply chain performance. The third part relates to relationship between organizational factors and different roles of IT/IS utilization. Several hypotheses have been set up for the model.

In the research, 36 measurement items extracted from literature to specify the characteristics of information systems utilized in supply chain management and structural relationship between these latent variables. Factor analysis, reliability test, correlation matrix, path analysis were used to analyze the data and model testing.

The results justify the acceptance of the proposed research model and some our hypotheses, they are, IT/IS for organizational value creation management has significant contribution to SCM performance. IT/IS for logistics operations and value creation management have significantly mutual influences each other. IT/IS for organizational infrastructure only influences the value creation management. In addition, they also confirm the contributions of IT/IS in SCM performance, and further this study develops and validates a measurement scale for IT/IS utilizations on SCM performance. The scale provides a preliminary foundation for facilitate research and in IT/IS utilizations in logistics operations in wider spectrums.

This research also empirically justifies that IT/IS for infrastructural support and logistics operations has indirect effects on SCM performance through value creation management. This gives an insight that IT/IS is fundamental for organizational value management, through value creation and growth, SCM performance, and further organizational performance can be enhanced. Finally, knowledge of IT/IS utilization and organizational factors can be contributed to their consideration and planning for IT/IS strategy and adoption.

Recommendations for further research and organizational IT/IS strategy are suggested based on these outcomes, such as supply chain integration, and consideration for implementation of IT/IS. IT/IS utilizations with strategic planning are believed to be more efficiency and effectiveness in SCM performances for the organizations.