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This essay raises that the problem of credit lacking is the major reason which hinders the development of electronic commerce in China through investigating the existing environment in our electronic commerce. The credit problem of electronic commerce is showed in three aspects: the reliability of information flow, security of currency payment and the reliability of service and commodity delivery. From the practical environment of the Chinese cultural moral tradition , the planned economy transferring to the market economy and the analysis of the electronic commerce in social environmental system in which the China’s government changes its duty, there are six key system factors will influence the credit environments: technological standardization, laws and regulations, cultural morality, property right institution, government, and information delivery and open scheme. This essay Sets up two models of structure model and dynamic model for electrical commercial credit system analysis. The focus is to discuss the effect of this system factors’ relationship among laws and regulations, credit cultural morality’s influence on electronic commerce, property rights institution and the functions government takes a role in setting up the credit system