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This article proposes a conceptual framework for planning and deploying collaborative-commerce (c-commerce). The framework consists of two dimensions: the type of inter-organizational relationships and the level of engagement that involved organizations want to achieve. The combination of these two dimensions generates nine categories of collaborative-commerce. Each category designates an opportunity for c-commerce initiates. The article characterizes each category with two concepts: focus and linkage interface. Focus means the interest or benefits that one type of c-commerce is expected to achieve. Linkage interface refers to major elements that facilitate the type of c-commerce to move forward and keep the involved parties as a whole. Examples are identified to illustrate the nature of each category.

Practitioners can use the framework as a roadmap to assess the commitment and trust level and subsequently, determine the type of c-commerce. Researchers can use the framework to identify issues specific to each category and specify features of enterprise application pertaining to each category. Three main directions are also identified for future research to further understand the phenomenon of c-commerce.