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Global business environments have become increasingly competitive. Consequently, businesses are seeking newer methods to improve efficiency, reduce costs, market new products faster, and retain customers for the long haul. One of the methods that has emerged to aid businesses accomplish all these goals is computer-mediated communication (CMC) applications. Computer-mediated communication applications in employment interviewing have received some attention from businesses since the emergence of the Internet. Existing technology makes it feasible for employers to screen and interview prospective employees without these applicants leaving their homes globally. Current trends suggest that electronic recruiting will constitute a significant portion of human resource management activity in the future. This paper discusses (1) the employment interview and its role in virtual recruiting, (2) virtual interviewing within the framework of computer-mediated communication (CMC), (3) organizational applications of virtual recruiting systems, (4) virtual organizational communication and how its attributes lend themselves to implementing virtual interviewing in organizations, (5) the relationship between virtual organizational communication and virtual recruitment , (6) Internet-basd interviewing in the context of transaction economics, (7) whether or not virtual interviews will replace traditional interviews, and (8) managerial implications of virtual recruitment and interviewing in organizations. This paper concludes by proposing areas for further research.