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E-Business is the new business imperative in the age of Internet. With the features of Internet, business can extend their business activities across space and time. Without traditional fact-to-face interaction, most of the e-business activities can be done through networks. Since they do not have to see each other during e-business transaction, the levels of trust between members are pretty low. Mutual trust within a business, between suppliers and retailers, and between sellers and customers is the most important successful factors of e-business. Based on the review of literatures, we proposed that trust is the most important invisible platform for the e-business. In this article, we discuss the relationship between trust and three major components of e-business: (1) the trust for effective knowledge management (KM) within an organization; (2) the trust between organization and customer for effective customer relationship management (CRM); and (3) the trust between organizations for supply chain management (SCM).