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Past research papers on consumer behaviour of Internet non-shoppers in Hong Kong have been lacking. This empirical study by on-line questionnaire and focus group interview is an attempt to explore further into the key aspects in this subject area. The focus of this study is on understanding what are the barriers against Internet shopping in Hong Kong, and what can be done to facilitate local Internet shopping.

Research overseas suggests that major barriers against Internet shopping are “payment security”, “privacy and trust”, “shipping cost” and “logistics”. (Deloitte, 1999 : Froomkin, 1996 ; Luckett, 1996 ; Slatalla, 2000 ; Ernst & Young, 2000 ; Oxley & Yeung, 1999). This study came to similar conclusions in Hong Kong.

Inducements for non-shoppers to purchase on-line include “increasing web traffic”, “trust building”, “online cooperative program” and “bricks and clicks”. (Hoey, 1998; Picken, 1999 ; Zellner, 2000 ; Pine, Peppers & Rogers, 1993 ; Mara, 2000 ; Gulati & Garino, 2000). This study in Hong Kong indicates that more effort needs to be made to improve trust”, “delivery logistics” and “online payment method”.

The marketing implications of these findings are identified and discussed.