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With the rapid growth of internet there are about fifty thousands of users get access to the internet in Taiwan area. Given the consensus of internet service providers (ISP’s) that soon will reach seventy-five thousands within two years. This would imply that the users of traditional dial up modems will be facing serious insufficient bandwidth problems. To make the problem worse, the internet applications are moving toward multimedia which always eats up bandwidth faster than expected. Moreover, to join WTO forces Taiwan to relin quish its telecom market to international players. These new players sure will jump into the broadband market. This research is to investigate the household consumers’ satisfaction in Hsinchu area on the broadband networking. The findings pointed out that important demographic variables affecting satisfaction are gender, age, education, and vocation. Additionally, dimensions of customers’ satisfaction do have a negative correlation with customers’ satisfaction. This is to say that when the higher the degree of a concern the lower the customer satisfaction. In general, expected service levels are always higher than that really experienced.