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Common features and functions of B2B implementations have been identified as product opportunities and there exist developed products for exchanges, auctions, reverse auctions, catalogs, etc. However, rarely are these products used standalone. Between these products is “glue code” – software that integrates and tailors the products for individual implementation and client project require ments. It is this software that is continually re-designed and re-implemented for each engagement. Each effort implements unique interfaces to the third-party products that it incorporates. This paper describes the architecture of a domain-independent, multi-tire E-market Application Platform in details along with the lessons leaned and benefits observed. EAP can reduce time to market by minimizing both the initial development time and the cost of ownership by amortizing maintenance and evolution costs across multiple digital marketplace engagements. The EAP architecture extends the standard multi-tier enterprise architecture by allowing the integration of discreet layers of program abstraction through well-defined interfaces between the tiers.