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The increasingly developing information technology and the widely application of it bring an information revolution which results in a social revolution. This requires that our enterprises establish a new model which suits the competition of new information society. BPR----business process reengineering is introduced in this wave of information revolution. Information revolution is the source of the development of BPR. IT is the pushing power to implement BPR and the powerful tool to help enterprise complete their reform. In the process of business process reform of the enterprise, we must make full use of the pushing power of IT to help the enterprise better plan their business process. In the meantime, when making information plan of the enterprise, we must fully take into account the various reform changes of the enterprise brought by BPR and apply information technology with an attitude of searching the new and searching changes. Thus, doubly driven by IT and managerial thinking of BPR, combination of IT and managerial thinking can be better reached and the perfect operation model of the enterprise can be created.