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Although total water Resources in China are not deficient compared with those in other countries over the world, the effective use efficiency is not high. There is a big wastage either in agricultural water use, in industrial water use or in daily living water use. whereby indicating that water resources management in china is till in backward level or state. E-commerce as a major means of economic trade in the 2lst century has brought about new opportunity for economic growth in the countries over the world. On the one hand, E-commerce uses the internet technology to retransform the enterprise production flow process, marketing flow process and resources management, through which the all social resources can be disposed and used in a more rational way; the production cost of the enterprises can be reduced most greatly; the international competitive power of the enterprises can also be raised; and the new economic growing point of the enterprises can be promoted. On the other hand, water is a kind of natural resources with use value as well as of the commercial product through being processed and transported. For this reason, water should be included in commercial economy, which should be operated or disposed rationally via marketing regulation, thus, providing the possibility for E-commerce to enter water resources management system. This paper deals with the establishment of E-commerce patterns or models for water resources management system by means of combining E-commerce with water resources management system and using water price as an economic means and discusses the possibility, performances and procedures of establishing the E-commerce patterns. Therefore, the E-commerce will provide the applicable operation platform for the E-commerce for water resources management and operation on which water resources development and operation, advocacy and extension as well as information services can be completed, and also on which the inner professional exchanges and cooperations can be carried out so as to satisfy the demands by the decision makers at the different levels. At the same time, facing the international competition, carrying out water resources trade, establishing scientific water price system and realizing the sustainable development strategy of water resources can also be achieved via the E-commerce.