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The Internet provides a powerful disseminative ability for users to acquire information more efficiently and quickly. However, an increasingly large scale of data induces certain problems as users face a more serious information overload situation. By using an information retrieval technique, information push-delivery provides a good solution for users to acquire rich information from the Internet. In fact, providing personal service for users is one of the mo st important issues in an electronic commerce (EC) environment. In order to increase interaction between themselves and customers, many enterprises provide personal services to improve management performance and competitiveness. However, since the customers have different preferences for information received from the Internet, it seems necessary to design a personal information system to guarantee that the customers can receive the desired information. In this study, the fuzzy retrieval and similarity measurement techniques are applied to design a personal information push-delivery system. The data resulting from testing a group of students at Da-Yeh University, Changhua, Taiwan, shows that the satisfaction degree for the received information for all participants was 70%. These results indicate that the proposed system can effectively provide correct and interesting information to users.