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This paper explores and evaluates the use of Octopus in Hong Kong (HK). There are over 7.4 million cards sold and 7 million of these are active. The study examines how transport and other sectors can enhance their services through Octopus. Six of the forty organisations using the Hong Kong Octopus card were interviewed. A convenience sample of 800 actual and potential Octopus customers was sent a questionnaire.

Unprecedented growth in the use of smartcard devices had been recorded in recent years. They are expected to bring revolutionary changes to businesses, governments and members of the society. The implications from this study would therefore be useful for those organisations that use or plan to adopt and implement the technology.

Results of the survey are discussed, including penetration rate, figures on card ownership and usage, failure rate, results from promotion schemes and loyalty programmes, success factors, users reliance of the system and areas of improvement. The major reasons for not using the system are addressed. Findings obtained from interview sessions were integrated in the discussion.