We are so pleased to release the proceedings of the 56th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS).

The pandemic has at least three positive effects on the shaping of the research at HICSS. Overall, judging from the massive amount of reviews of the 1,429 papers submitted for the conference, the quality of papers have significantly increased, and the overall total score of the accepted papers have jumped to an all-time high. With a target acceptance rate set at 47%, HICSS welcomes 678 papers to its 2023 Proceedings.

As HICSS records an increase in the number of paper submissions in all tracks, and if the number of submitted papers is a relevant indicator of research interests, the following tracks have attracted a significant amount of attention:

  • Organizational Systems and Technology (278)
  • Internet and the Digital Economy (237)
  • Decision Analytics and Service Sciences (191)
  • Collaboration Systems and Technologies (140)
  • Digital and Social Media (127)
  • Information Technology in Healthcare (122)

HICSS continues to promote a new area of MIS research – Location intelligence. In a nutshell, location intelligence brings the context of location to business analytics and problem solving. By analyzing and visualizing spatial data on maps, dashboards, and business models, location intelligence has become an integral part of today’s decision-making and planning paradigms.

We have seen a high number of research papers on the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on a wide spectrum of MIS topics from technology-supported collaboration to the future of work. We also notice an increasing number of research on the pandemic effect on the “dark side of technology” – negative impacts on people’s health and the dissemination of misinformation. As a consequence, various aspects of cyber security are another key feature of this year’s research at HICSS.

As HICSS has returned to the island of Maui to host its annual event, we welcome more than 1,100 scientists at the Hyatt Regency Resort in the pristine Kaanapali Beach area, HICSS welcomes a host of Symposia, Workshops and Tutorials.

As you are downloading the papers in this year’s proceedings, we invite you to cite them in your research work, and we encourage you to submit your work to future HICSS.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the co-creation of HICSS-56 by the HICSS community.

I would like to acknowledge the co-creation of HICSS-55 Proceedings by the HICSS community.

  • 2,012 Authors of 678 research papers;
  • 2,523 reviewers
  • 457 Minitrack Chairs;
  • 20 Track Chairs; and
  • Our sponsors including University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Shidler College of Business, National Security Agency, Association for Information Systems, University of Redlands and ESRI’s Joint Spatial Business Initiative, and University of Arkansas Sam M. Walton College of Business

We are looking forward to continuing working with the community of researchers to advance the mission of HICSS – that is to provide a venue where ideas meet and science speaks.

Tung Bui, Conference Chair
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Browse the contents of Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2023 (HICSS-56):

Software Technology
Organizational Systems and Technology
Location Intelligence
Knowledge Innovation and Entrepreneurial Systems
Internet and the Digital Economy
Information Technology in Healthcare
Electric Energy Systems
Digital and Social Media
Digital Government
Decision Analytics and Service Science
Collaboration Systems and Technologies