AIS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) promote and facilitate the networking and exchange of ideas among professional interested in a specific area of research. AIS sponsors over thirty different SIGs, with more being added all the time. In this section, you will find the research of some the leading AIS SIGs.


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AIS & Kauffman Materials

Diffusion Interest Group In Information Technology

International Research Workshop on IT Project Management (IRWITPM)

International Series on Information Systems and Management in Creative eMedia

Pre-ICIS conference Association for Information Systems Special Interest Group IS Leadership Workshop (SIG LEAD)

Pre-ICIS Workshop on Information Security and Privacy (SIGSEC)

Proceedings Annual Workshop of the AIS Special Interest Group for ICT in Global Development

SIG DITE Digital Innovation, Transformation and Entrepreneurship

SIGED: IAIM Conference

Special Interest Group on Big Data Proceedings

Special Interest Group on Decision Support and Analytics (SIGDSA)

Special Interest Group on Geographic Information Systems

Special Interest Group on Green Information Systems

Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction