There is no doubt that innovation drives development in all areas of human activity, including electrical and electronic equipment. However, the production of new equipment has a significant impact on the natural environment and a relatively high consumption of natural resources. To address these issues, the circular economy has been implemented in recent years by promoting and introducing numerous measures to facilitate the recycling of used goods. However, it has been found that there are many obstacles and difficulties currently faced by decision and policy makers. In this paper, we try to fill the research gap by presenting the prototype of an information system (IS) that could help not only these stakeholders, but also other interested parties, to move towards a circular economy through the efficient management of used electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste). In this context, we present the prototype of the system and elaborate on its two main components, namely functionality and user interface. Furthermore, we discuss the future research directions regarding the development of existing and new system features, followed by a comprehensive usability testing.