This research explores the relationship between leadership styles and pro innovation behaviors in Polish e government offices using information systems. It seeks to identify which leadership styles are most strongly associated with pro innovation behaviors among Polish e government managers. We employ a mixed methods approach, including qualitative methods like critical literature revi ew and humanistic interpretation of results, as well as quantitative analysis using the Inventory of Leadership Styles ( from Brzezińska & Rafalak, 2015) and the Pro Innovative Behavior Questionnaire (from Barbosa et al., 2018). Our sample comprises 62 rand omly selected e government office employees. We utilize structural equation modeling (SEM), correlation, regression, and exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses for robust model assessment. The findings highlight how leadership styles, particularly "R evolutionary" and "Entertainer," are linked to higher innovation propensity among e government managers. This research contributes to understanding the impact of leadership styles on innovation in e governance amid rapid digital transformation.